Capable Kids is a fun and friendly environment. We offer the following:

Occupational Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Physical Therapy

Groups and Specialty Services


We have carefully recruited therapists and staff members who demonstrate an innate ability to work effectively with children from infancy through adolescence.

Occupational Therapy 

Our Occupational Therapists work with families to assist their children in learning functional skills such as:

  • the development of sensory processing abilities,
  • fine motor skills, 
  • visual motor and visual perceptual skills,
  • hand-eye coordination,
  • oral skills for eating,
  • coordination of the whole body
  • and feeling comfortable with the positioning and movement of their body during daily activities.

OT goals are to improve the child's functional performance in the areas of self-care, play, and academics (work) and to enhance the child's ability to interact within his or her physical and social environments.


Pediatric Therapy Clinic

Capable Kids

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Language Pathologists provide support to children in the areas of language acquisition, articulation and oral motor stimulation. They work to help children develop the skills necessary for effective communication with adults and peers.

Rehabilitation efforts are focused on:

  • oral motor competence,
  • language understanding and processing
  • and social skills that facilitate communication.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists work to help a child develop the strength, balance, endurance, and/or coordination necessary for optimal motor function in the school, home, and community. Rehabilitation efforts focus on developing postural, motor, sensory, and self-care skills to maximize functional independence. Thus, children evaluated and treated may exhibit a wide range of problems, including but not limited to:

  • congenital/ genetic disorders,
  • neurological impairments,
  • orthopedic conditions,
  • traumatic injuries,
  • metabolic and endocrine disorders,
  • neuromuscular disorders
  • and sensory or perceptual impairments.